KENEX introduces to you INSIGHT software suite;an end-to-end commercial credit management software solution that enables loan officers,credit analysts and senior bankers to effectively review, analyze, collaborate and decide on commercial credit applications, manage the relationships with commercial customers and controls credit risk.

INSIGHT provides credit proffessionals with the information, analysis tools, documentation and collaboaration capabilities that they need to profitably manage all types of commercial credit.

Key System Features

INSIGHT integrates all aspects of managing commercial credit applications,including gathering of customer information, analysis, reporting and decision-making.

The system is design with the scope of banking regulations 2008 -kenyan banking Act CAP 488

  • The system has Credits Bureau reporting module designed using KBA(Kenya Bankers Association) specifcations/format.The module generates data to be submitted to the Credit Refeence Bureau(Kenya) monthly and also on a cumulative basis.
  • INSIGHT frees up time by automating clerical, time-consuming tasks and increasing work efficiency through adaptive workflow,collaboration and information sharing.
  • The increased efficiency of relationship managers and credit analysts translates into faster credit application turnaround times.
  • INSIGHT manages all customer interactions and allows immediate viewing of all customer banking data, documents ad requests.
  • INSIGHT is a desktop application with a robust, secure and scalable architecture

The system, after collecting data from your Banking System, generates standard files that can be submitted to CRB.

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