KASCADE,  a comprehensive Human Resource Management System encompass Personnel Management, Recruitment Management amd Training Management all available as a single software.

KASCADE is intended to encompass all aspect of HR and not the payroll alone.It treat HR as valuable Captial that needs carefull nurturing and continous mnagement attention.

This system comes with features that promise to ensure competence in the overall management of the HR resources.

Executive Summary

Flexibilty  The system works with any IT environment, both small and  large  scale.It can run on any database depending on the users/client requirements.

Security    The system gives maximum security to the sensitive Human Resource Information with password protection.It is possible to retrict access to various users on ‘Need to know’ basis preventing snooping around the curious employees.

Integration  The system has been developed with a 4G language that makes it easier to be intergrated with any other system.

Usability  The system has a unique GUI with comprehensive usability features that take care of both novice and expert users.KASCADE comes with comprehensive reporting that empowers your organization with quick and easy access to complete executive and management reporting and analysis.

Scalability  The system can be used with several databases that make it easier for its growth.For example, if your organization has less than 1000 employees then you can settle for na common database like MS Access.If more than that then SQL server will suit byou better.

Support  KENEX will offer its cliet full (onsite/offsite) support of the system on annual maintaince basis

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