KLink Messaging Suite

The KLink is an electronic messaging suite capable of generating and processing message using the standards of S.W.I.F.T(Society of Worldwide Financial Telecommunication).It is highly adaptable and may be used in conjuction with any messaging platform that depends on the ISO standards of the electronic messaging.

The proliferation of rapid money exchange systems ghas made t neccessary for banks to handle large number of payments promptly and free from too much manual processes.That calls for a high level of automation,connectivity to internal and external application,better inter-operability plus high scurity requirements.

Currently KLink application has been designed with the requirement in mind and most modern Dot.NET technologies to support ISO/SWIFT standards and also with a view to XML system in a near future.

MT MT Name Purpose
103 Single Customer Credit Transfer instructs fund transfer
102 Multiple Customer credit Transfer Conveys muiltiple payment instuctions between financial institutions
110 Advice of Cheques Advices or confirms the issuance of a cheque to the institution.
202/202 COV General financial institution Transfer Requests the movemnt of funds between financial institutions
300 Foreign Exchange Confirmation Confirms information agreed to in the buying/selling of two currencies
320 Fixed loan/Deposit Confirmation Confirms terms of contract relative to a fixed loan/deposit transaction
700 Issue of a Documentary Credit indicated the terms and conditionss of a documentary credit.
740 Authorization to reimburse Requests the receiver to honor claims for reimbursement of payment(s) or negotiation(s0) undera documentary credit
N99 Free Format Message Contains information for which no other message type has been defined

Additional messages can be added upon request and agreement  of terms and conditions.

KLink Architecture

KLink makes the use of web technologies such as HTTP,XML and .NET to create an ideal application for thin client connectivity to SWIFT as a replacement for green screns and thick client workstations, with its flexibility,eae of rollout and centralized administration has already been recognized y financial institutions of all sizes.It automatically validates messages before being sent to SWIFT or any other proprietry network.It is easy to interface with any of the accounting or banking.

KLink system security provides extensive user control for every stage of the workflow process,e.g message entry,verification,approval and release.KLink can also support generation of validated messages from core banking application.However this requires the banking application to generate transactions based on specified pre-defined format.

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