KPrinter Suite is a comprehensive document management system for SWIFT messages.The core components of the KPrinter seamlessly integrate with SWIFT Applications on one end and Banking Application on the other End.

KPrinter – PDF Maker for SWIFT Alliance/Entry

This application is tialored for SWIFT Alliance/Entry users who would like view in details,their SWIFT traffic (messages).

KPrinter- Auto-E-Mailer.

Customized tool for institutions to send copies of SWIFT messages using email automatically to pre-defined destinations.


A module to process selected incoming/outgoing messages such as MT103 and MT202 and upload them to banking application/SWIFT Alliance.


This module is an application that enables the user bank to set up automatic printing of messages of particular types to selected printers.


This version checks all outgoing and incoming SWIFT financial messages against datbase containing names of all suspected Entities and alerts the compliance officer.

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