KTeller Biometric Identification Suite

In the current financial transactions world, whether huge or small transactions require the outmost verification of the bearer. Thus many financial institutions face this challenges of authentication that the clients are whom they claim to be and that their identity is truly theirs.

KENEX proposes to you KTELLER   which consists of a robust USB Optical Fingerprint scanner connected to a standard office computer (preferably at the teller terminals) and KTELLER   clients (Customers) authentication management software loaded on the same computer on your Local Area Network (LAN).

KTELLER   operations Scope and Benefits

For client registration, KTELLER   system captures and verifies users’ fingerprints and stores them in a central database. This procedure is done onetime and requires the clients to be present.

During the registration process, the clients’ accompanying documents such as national ID or Passport can be scanned and associated with the specific enrolled client.

After enrollment, the system has a maker checker facility in which the enrolled clients have to be approved by a high level officer before they can be authenticated.

For authentication, the KTELLER   system uses fingerprint biometrics scanner device to capture the client fingerprint and certify against existing template. If found matching, the teller can proceed with the transaction and if not the client is blocked from carrying out a transaction.

Further, the system has a utility to “blacklist” block the customers from making a transactions unless approved by an individual with higher authority e.g. the supervisor or bank branch manager.

For management, the system will automate transaction processing, and assist in decision making for the various parties in the decision making tree within the organization.

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