Who we Are

Kenex is an ISO ICT Company located in Westlands, Nairobi providing software solutions  for banks in the whole world. The large number of clients all over Africa and the whole world in general, enjoy the comfort and confidence that Kenex is famed for.

Our Connectivity

Our connectivity to the banks is by use of wireless, Microwave, fiber Optic and MPLS links. The private network that Kenex has built up in a number of countries ensures total security and confidentiality.Our client include many of the world’s best-performing and most admired Banks,Financial Institutions and quasi-goverment agencies.

Our clients include many of the world’s best-performing and most admired Banks, firms, and industry organizations as well as international regulatory and government agencies.

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Contented Staff






Years of Expertise


Technical & Support Staff

Our core values

Quality Services

Our professional developers see what others don’t,challenge conventional thinking and consistently deliver innovative solutions.

Expert Staff

Trained in reputed institutions,certified by international organizations and gone through rigorous in house honing, our staff stand up to any challenge.

Innovative Solutions

We work with clients to design unconventional products using a blend of analytical and creative approaches.

Our Goals

  • Provide the best service to the banking, finance and business community.
  • Pursue its business tasks with the idea that there is always a better way to accomplish it.
  • Respect everyone whom it deals with and provide the best value to its clients.

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